Click to enlargeMT201, 
Miracle Monochrome Mono Super VGA SVGA 14" Monitor, 
Paper White Display, 15-pin VGA output

Signal Input Analog Hor. Sync: TTL (P)(N)
Ver. Sync: TTL (N)(P)
Scanning Frequency Hor: 30-40KHz
Ver: 47-90Hz
MTBF ( Mo ) About 50,000 Hours ( except CRT )
Video Bandwidth 45MHz
CRT Philips, 14" 90 degrees Deflection Flat Screen, Non-Glare, Paper White
Input Voltage 100V-240V / 50HZ-60HZ , Auto switch
Resolution 640x480/400/350, 800x600, 1024x768
Power Consumption <35W
Display Size 240+/-5 x 180+/-5 mm
User Controls Power ON-OFF, Brightness, Contrast,
H-Phase, V-Size,
Input Connector 15Pin-D Type
Dimension 13.6"(H) x 12.6"(D) x 12.8"(W)mm
Weight 15.6 Lbs
Warranty 90-days parts and labor
Certification FCC, UL, CSA

MT201, Miracle Monochrome Mono Super VGA SVGA 14" Monitor, Paper White Display


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