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Click to enlargeATX-250-12Z, 
ATX-250-12Z Rev. H1, 
HP P/N: 5187-1100, *
Genuine Bestec 250W Replacement Power Supply For HP

ATX-250-12Z Rev. H1,
HP P/N: 5187-1100,
Genuine Bestec 250W Replacement Power Supply For HP

Part number 5187-1100 is used in the following HP products:

Product name HP model number(s)
Compaq Presario S6000IL home PC (Asia Pacific) PE505A
Compaq Presario SR1500AN home PC (Asia Pacific) PY066AAR, PY066AA
HP Pavilion a1220l home PC (Asia Pacific) EG618AA
Pavilion 6220KR (Asia Pacific) DD306A
Pavilion S6030AN (Asia Pacific) DT082AR, DT082A, DT082R
Pavilion a1017kr (Korea) ED766AA
Pavilion a1030l (Asia Pacific) ED793AA
Pavilion a305I (Asia Pacific) DN062A
Pavilion a308d (Asia Pacific) DN066A
Pavilion a320a (Asia Pacific) DN035AR, DN035A, DN035R
Pavilion a320d (Asia Pacific) DN068A
Pavilion a408d (Asia Pacific) DT113A
Pavilion a518I (Asia Pacific) DY122A
Pavilion a518d (Asia Pacific) DY067A
Pavilion a520d (Asia Pacific) DY068A
Pavilion a528d (Asia Pacific) DY071A
Pavilion a618l (Asia Pacific) PE464AA
Pavilion a625d (Asia Pacific) PL331AAR, PL331AA
Pavilion a716d (Asia Pacific) PL404AA
Pavilion a810tw (Taiwan) PS156AA
Pavilion a830tl (Asia Pacific) PW788AA
Pavilion t102d (Asia Pacific) DD236A
Pavilion t102k (Asia Pacific) DD259A
Pavilion t108d (Asia Pacific) DK281A
Pavilion t124a (Asia Pacific) DD228AR, DD228A, DD228R
Pavilion t132d (Asia Pacific) DD238A
Pavilion t134a (Asia Pacific) DD229AR, DD229A, DD229R
Pavilion t142d (Asia Pacific) DD239A
Pavilion t150d (Asia Pacific) DD283A
Pavilion t180d (Asia Pacific) DD284A
Pavilion t218d (Asia Pacific) DK330A
Pavilion t222k (Asia Pacific) DK236A
Pavilion t240a (Asia Pacific) DK227AR, DK227A, DK227R
Pavilion t307k (Asia Pacific) DN046A
Pavilion t310i (Asia Pacific) DN055A
Pavilion t337k (Asia Pacific) DN050A
Pavilion t372k (Asia Pacific) DT243A
Pavilion t380d (Asia Pacific) DN073A
Pavilion t402k (Asia Pacific) DT087A
Pavilion t438d (Asia Pacific) DT117A
Pavilion t448d (Asia Pacific) DT118A
Pavilion t450i (Asia Pacific) DT105A
Pavilion t458d (Asia Pacific) DT236A
Pavilion t460a (Asia Pacific) DT079AR, DT079A, DT079R
Pavilion t480a (Asia Pacific) DT080AR, DT080A, DT080R
Pavilion t482k (Asia Pacific) DT093A
Pavilion t488d (Asia Pacific) DT121A
Pavilion t510i (Asia Pacific) DY061A
Pavilion t511i (Asia Pacific) PC172A
Pavilion t517k (Asia Pacific) PC154A
Pavilion t528d (Asia Pacific) DY072A
Pavilion t530i (Asia Pacific) DY062A
Pavilion t548d (Asia Pacific) DY074A
Pavilion t567k (Asia Pacific) DY048A
Pavilion t580a (Asia Pacific) DY036AR, DY036A, DY036R
Pavilion t580d (Asia Pacific) DY078A
Pavilion t610i (Asia Pacific) PE459AA
Pavilion t639k (Asia Pacific) PE449AA
Pavilion t648d (Asia Pacific) PE472AA
Pavilion t660a (Asia Pacific) PG053AAR, PG053AA
Pavilion t711k (Asia Pacific) PS407AA
Pavilion t778l (Asia Pacific) PP039AA
Pavilion w1065d (Asia Pacific) PL481AA
Pavilion w1112kr (Asia Pacific) PL465AA
Pavilion w1117kr (Asia Pacific) PL466AA
Pavilion w1163d (Asia Pacific) PN213AAR, PN213AA
Pavilion w1265tw (Taiwan) PS411AA
Pavilion w5062tw (Taiwan) PW613AA
Pavilion w5072l (Asia Pacific) PY111AA
Presario 6225AP (Asia Pacific) DD277A
Presario 6230AN (Asia Pacific) DB243A, DB243R
Presario 6265AP (Asia Pacific) DB251A
Presario 6270AP (Asia Pacific) DB257A
Presario 6285AP (Asia Pacific) DB256A, DB256R
Presario S4020AP (Asia Pacific) DK261A
Presario S4120AP (Asia Pacific) DK264A
Presario S4150AP (Asia Pacific) DK266A
Presario S4160AP (Asia Pacific) DK267A
Presario S4280AP (Asia Pacific) DK298A
Presario S5030AN (Asia Pacific) DN089AR, DN089A, DN089R
Presario S5080AN (Asia Pacific) DN043AR, DN043A, DN043R
Presario S5180AP (Asia Pacific) DN092A
Presario S5300KR (Asia Pacific) DN053A
Presario S5480AP (Asia Pacific) DN094A
Presario S6150IN (Asia Pacific) DT382A
Presario S6280AP (Asia Pacific) DT128A
Presario S6480AP (Asia Pacific) DT130A
Presario S6500KR (Asia Pacific) DT101A
Presario S6540IN (Asia Pacific) DT110A
Presario S6650KR (Asia Pacific) DW154A
Presario S6800CF CTO, Intel, Cobra (Asia Pacific) P8657BV
Presario SR1020IL (Asia Pacific) DY118A
Presario SR1028AP (Asia Pacific) DY080A
Presario SR1040AN (Asia Pacific) DY041AR, DY041A, DY041R
Presario SR1055IN (Asia Pacific) DY064A
Presario SR1070AP (Asia Pacific) DY083A
Presario SR1088AP (Asia Pacific) DY085A
Presario SR1100CF CTO (PL444AA, Asia Pacific) PL444AA
Presario SR1104AL (Asia Pacific) PG094AA
Presario SR1105AL (Asia Pacific) PG095AA
Presario SR1105IL (Asia Pacific) PG118AA
Presario SR1110KR PJ538AA
Presario SR1115IL (Asia Pacific) PG117AA
Presario SR1120AP (Asia Pacific) PG082AAR, PG082AA
Presario SR1120CF CTO, Intel (Asia Pacific) P9902CVR, P9902CV
Presario SR1128HK (Hong Kong) PE499AA
Presario SR1150AP (Asia Pacific) PE478AA
Presario SR1155IN (Asia Pacific) PE462AA
Presario SR1168AN (Asia Pacific) PG057AAR, PG057AA
Presario SR1178AN (Asia Pacific) PG058AAR, PG058AA
Presario SR1180CF CTO, Intel (Asia Pacific) P9902DVR, P9902DV
Presario SR1182KR (Asia Pacific) PL368AA
Presario SR1207AL (Asia Pacific) PL391AA
Presario SR1228AP (Asia Pacific) PS448AA
Presario SR1248AN (Asia Pacific) PL420AAR, PL420AA
Presario SR1308AL (Asia Pacific) PS166AA
Presario SR1315KR (Korea) PW539AA
Presario SR1400CF CTO (PU194AV) with XP PU194AV
Presario SR1420TW (Taiwan) PW616AA

***When ordering a Bestec power supply, please verify and make sure the revision number matches what you have.  Different revisions are made to order for different specifications, and may have different connectors on them.***

Original ATX-250-12Z, ATX-250-12Z Rev. H1, HP P/N: 5187-1100, Genuine Bestec 250W Replacement Power Supply For HP
ATX25012ZrevH1REG: $59.00SALE: $38.75


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